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I started Primitus Fine Wines in 2022 after founding and operating Edencroft Fine Wines for the last 28 years, Edencroft became one of the leading purveyors of fine wines and distilled spirits in the South Cheshire area.

Primitus Fine Wines is family owned and operated and fully independent. Of course, this means that we have your needs at the heart of what we do. For us, it is not all about profit it is about sharing our knowledge and experience of the best drinks on the market. We want your experience to be easy and convenient, but also fulfilling.

Primitus Fine Wines believe that shopping for wine and spirits should be much more than simply a retail experience, it should be a chance to learn, grow and find out about your likes, dislikes, needs and desires. We aim to take the trepidation away from choosing the best wine for your needs and will use our knowledge to help you make the right choices.

Why buy wines and spirits from us? While it may not be necessary for us to point out how we are a better option than the larger corporate-owned wine and spirit suppliers, we would love to show you how we have set ourselves apart from the rest. At Primitus Fine Wines we follow three main principles in everything we do.

Superior customer service – Our online store offers products that cannot easily be sourced elsewhere. We like to offer the best of world class wines and spirits. You can also expect advice and more importantly, a bottle which perfectly matches your requirements. Whether it is cognac for a gift or wine for a wedding, we can match your palate with your budget.

Expert salespeople – We take our craft seriously and make an effort to try our products before we would consider offering them to our customers. Only the best will pass our stringent criteria. Our buyers are the best in the business and use our exacting standards to choose the best spirits and wines from around the world.

A wealth of experience – Not only are our sales staff knowledgeable when it comes to our products, they are cultured and well-travelled. With personal relationships which have been formed with winemakers and spirit producers, we feel that our knowledge of the behind scenes process gives us an advantage which cannot be paid for.

We aim to provide you with an online shopping experience which matches that which you would experience in-store. We offer detailed descriptions of our products, helpful staff just a click or a phone call away and a shopping process which is quick and easy.

Mark J, Brookshaw

April 2022